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Murdoch University in Dubai
Murdoch University in Dubai

Murdoch University in Dubai
Murdoch University in Dubai



Why choose Murdoch in Dubai?

-An attractive lifestyle for students
An attractive lifestyle for students
The living expenses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are one of the lowest among developing and emerging nations. Surrounded by sand dunes, the city has its fair share of stunning beaches and warm waters and receives year-round sunshine. The UAE also happens to be a very safe and modern country, with very low levels of violent and property crime.

-Enjoy part-time work while studying
Enjoy part-time work while studying
Murdoch students on a work permit are permitted to work part-time within the free zones. There are no formal restrictions on hours, as long as it’s keeping with a reasonable study schedule.

-A multicultural and cosmopolitan city
Arabic culture is deeply rooted in Dubai, but with the UAE being an expat nation, there is so much cultural diversity. Students can enjoy a cosmopolitan and international lifestyle in Dubai, with plenty of opportunities to interact with people from diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds. You’ll feel very much at home in Dubai as long as you abide the law and respect the cultures and values.

-A city of opportunities
Graduates in Dubai have an abundance of employment options open to them upon getting their degree, the rise of professional opportunities has been driven by the rapid expansion of the non-oil sector such as the construction industry.


-A land of wonder
Dubai isn’t just ripe with natural attractions, there are also enough man-made attractions to keep you busy. Studying in Dubai, you are going to get a lot of opportunity to frequent these acclaimed attractions.



Murdoch University Dubai is a leading educational institution, situated at the heart of the Dubai International Academic City, Dubai, UAE.