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Most of us thought about studying abroad but who of us took a real step towards his dream. It’s always the confusion between our future and our home. Now we will show you 7 reasons to study abroad that will help you decide.

1. Start your new life outside Egypt

It the right time to start and build your new life in other countries like: UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Holland; these countries are the most attractive countries in the world in terms of studying abroad and especially USA which has the most international students in the world. if you missed this opportunity to study abroad it will be very difficult after that to take VISA to immigrate.

So it is highly recommended to take the right decision in this right time.

2. Major in what you want

Finally, after school years you now got to choose and decide what you will study finally you have a free will and you got to study what you love.

As abroad you will have a wide variety of majors you can choose from as you will have the opportunity to study new subjects not available to you at your home town

But in case you didn't decide yet here's a couple of things that you should consider while choosing:

What are your passions?

What are you good at?

What is the current situation of the field you are interested in in the job market?

3. Develop your Language Skills

Travelling to another country that speaks a different language from your native language will help you develop a second language because of using it in everyday life. As well as that the universities offer language courses so you can also, learn a third language. Maybe you think it's too much you don't need this third language but the more the better and it will help you understand new cultures.

4. Understanding new cultures

Speaking about cultures studying abroad is a great chance to learn more about different cultures and this is because you will be exposed to a new country with new traditions also, you will meet international students there which will help you know more about their culture. So you can share your cultures and traditions with each other which will help you widen your horizons and understand people differences.

In addition, when you’re abroad, you will be allowed to travel to neighboring countries. For example, if you study in Europe, you’ll have the option to travel through various parts of Europe.

Also, universities offer cultural classes if you can take it, it would be helpful.

5. Skills

Taking the step to leave your home and go abroad searching for the future will automatically help you become independent. Plus the situations you will live in and the obstacles that you will pass by will make you self-sufficient. If you are in your home town you will never get the chance to have these skills. As well as studying itself will give you the soft skills that you need.

6. Career Opportunities

From the great academic learning you get while abroad and experiencing new courses and topics, alternative methods of teaching and learning. You will be more attractive in the job market. It is easier to get a job after graduating, and the initial salary is high.

As we know not many people study abroad, it is something unique that will help you to stand out.

7. International friends

After graduation stay in contact with your international friends. As it's really good to have friends from all over the world also, they can be important helping you with your job or with your personal life.

At the end when you finish your study abroad program, you will be comfortable dealing with other cultures, your language skills will be great, you will have a high certificate, and a great job. So stop worrying and start your studying abroad journey.

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